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I’m Baaaack!

I have been gone nearly forever but fear not, I am still vegan. I really don’t have any excuse other than the fact that life got in the way. Too many details for me to go into at this time. However, I did pick up a new hobby (okay slight obsession). I found my love of gardening. I spent much of last summer growing veggies on my balcony. I enjoyed it so much that soon my balcony was not spacious enough. I ended getting a community garden space as well. Continue reading


Review: Numi Garden Sampler Savory Teas


Photo- drugstore.com


Whew! It has been forever and a day since I last posted here. I took on more duties at work and have returned home each evening too drained to even contemplate posting on the blog. Also, since the season changed I haven’t really had much of an appetite. I have either eaten things I already blogged about or I had vegan pizzas and Chinese take-out.

In the meantime let me share this review with you. I have really enjoyed these Numi Garden Sampler Savory Teas. You wouldn’t think tea flavors like broccoli cilantro, tomato mint, and carrot curry would be tasty as a tea but you are wrong. They are delicious. Click here to read the review. Continue reading


Grown & Sexy Vegan Cheese Steak Sandwich


Strange as it may seem, sometimes I think of food as a person. I know that it is kind of weird but stick with me and I will get to my point. The particular food I was wondering about was the Philly Cheese Steak. There are so many versions of the cheese steak out there. Don’t even get me started on who supposedly makes the best cheese steak. I have seen versions made with Steak-umm, ground beef, and worst yet cheese whiz.
So I started wondering what if the cheese steak was more mature, more cultured, and health conscious. I believe I came up with a vegan cheese steak that personifies all of these characteristics. I present to you the Grown & Sexy Cheesesteak. It is grown because it healthy with a taste that appeals to grown folks and it is sexy because it is still delicious. Click here to view the recipe. Continue reading


Review: Tumeric Elixir of Life- Vegan Elixir

ImagePhoto Credit: TumericAlive, Tumeric Website

I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday when I noticed this bottle of Tumeric Elixir of Life. It is a cold pressed drink that uses the benefits of turmeric along with some other spices to make a refreshing beverage. The company refers to these drinks as yoga in a bottle.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I made the purchase. I have had turmeric several times as a food spice, encapsulated, and in teas as a cold remedy. In all of those experiences, I can’t say that I have grown to love the taste of turmeric. To find more about this elixir click here. Continue reading


Kale and Blueberry Salad


I am back and feeling 98% better. It looks as if I am back just in time to kick off the spring season. Even though I don’t have my appetite back fully, and I am in desperate need to go shopping I wanted to share this kale and blueberry salad with you. It is the perfect salad to have when starting or completing a detox. It is filling but it won’t weigh you down. Anyway, click here to check out the recipe. Continue reading

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Vegan Chitlins


One of my friends comes from a family with deep southern roots. At every family celebration the absolute must have item on the menu is chitlins. Chitlins is a dish made with pork intestines that have been cleaned, seasoned, and cooked. My friend normally purchases the chitlins from a popular market in my area.

However, a few years ago my friend relocated down south to be closer to her family. Which has made the chore of buying chitlins more of an ordeal, but they still get in the car and drive for hours on end to my area to pick up their beloved bucket of chitlins.

I tried chitlins twice in my life and admittedly, I am not a fan. It still has a bit of the back door taste that I could live without. I made many attempts to convert my friend to a vegan lifestyle and it hasn’t worked. But I think this dish might make her consider it at least. Click here to get the recipe for this dish. Continue reading