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Beans Beans They’re Good For Your Heart- Black Bean Soup With Dumplings

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I will admit a slightly dark secret to you that even my mother never knew. Years ago when I was a high school student, I played hooky from school for an entire day. No, I wasn’t mischief making or running the streets with boys.  I spent the day with a friend at her home in Brooklyn. We cooked good food and watched soaps all day. For two young ladies with siblings and strict parents this was immense fun. Just to be able to stay home and enjoy good food without the threat of homework, chores, or bothersome little brothers was bliss. On that day this soup was born. My friend whose background is Haitian made this soup for us to enjoy along with some other treats that I can no longer recall. Her version had bits of turkey meat in it, but it is even tastier without the turkey in it. Click here for the recipe.

Ingredients for soup

1 16oz bag of black turtle beans

1 Medium size onion

1 Large tomato

1 Can of coconut milk

1 Inch piece of ginger

2 Tables spoons of coconut oil

1 Tablespoon of coriander

1 Vegetable bouillon cube (no salt added)

1 Teaspoon of cumin

2 Tablespoons of sea salt

1 teaspoon of curry powder

2 cloves of garlic

2 sprigs of thyme

Ingredients for dumplings

2 cups of whole wheat all purpose flour

1 tablespoon spoon of salt

1 tablespoon of earth balance (vegan butter)-get the version that is soy free

1 cup of warm water (add more if needed)

In order to prevent problems with digestive issues I recommend you start preparation for this dish the night before by soaking the beans in a pot of water almost to the rim with 2 tablespoons of baking soda. You want to make sure there is plenty of water in the pot because beans swell as they cook. The next day when you are ready to prepare the soup, drain of the beans and rinse them thoroughly before setting them aside.

I prepared this soup in my pressure cooker in order to save time. Cooking beans can be an all day affair if made on the stove top. However, in a pressure cooker this soup is ready in about an hour.

After rinsing my beans I set them aside in the pressure cooker while I sliced the garlic, tomatoes, and onions. I then proceeded to make the dumplings. Following the recipe for the dumplings combine the dry ingredients first (the flour and salt). Then add the earth balance and mash it in the flour with a fork. Once you have finished that start to add the water to the flour mixture and continue to use your fork until everything is combined. Sprinkle a little flour over the top of the mixture and use your hands to knead the dough. At this point the ball of dough shouldn’t stick to your hands while you are kneading it. If you find that the dough is sticking to your hands continue to add flour until it is no longer sticky.

Pull of small pieces of dough from the ball and shape it until to it resembles your ring finger in length and width. Then set them aside.

Take the pressure cooker pot with the beans and start adding in the onions, garlic, tomatoes, as well as the other ingredients listed above for the soup. Fill the pot 3 quarters of the way full (it should more than cover the beans) with water. Then add the dumplings and set your pressure cooker for an hour. You can serve it plain or garnish the soup with an avocado.

Note: Remove the sprigs of thyme before serving this soup.


Author: holistichealthvegan

I am a plus sized woman who set out on a quest to become healthier. It was on this journey to better health, that I discovered the joy of veganism through the teachings of Queen Afua, Nubia Sutton, and Breeze Harper, PhD. Join me as I recreate some of my pre-vegan favorites as well as the new vegan dishes I now enjoy.

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