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Strawberry Coconut Cashew Cream Oatmeal

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I remember when I was growing up how my mother used to force me to eat my oatmeal before going to school. I never liked oatmeal as a child and truth be told I don’t like it too much now that I am an adult. However, I realize that it is one of those good for you foods. So in keeping with my mother’s ways, I am still forcing myself to eat oatmeal in the morning. Only it is much easier to eat now because I add things to my oatmeal that make it much more palatable. Surprisingly oatmeal is a very versatile dish. It can be savory or sweet depending on the ingredients you add to it. If you want to know how I reinvented my oatmeal, click here to find out more.

1 cup of cooked oatmeal

½ cup of sliced strawberries

¼ cup of organic shredded coconut

¼ cup of fresh cashew cream, or mimic cream

1 tablespoon of date sugar or raw cane sugar

This is a rather simple dish. After you cook your oatmeal, simply add the cashew cream, strawberries, coconut and sugar then garnish with a strawberry and enjoy!


Author: holistichealthvegan

I am a plus sized woman who set out on a quest to become healthier. It was on this journey to better health, that I discovered the joy of veganism through the teachings of Queen Afua, Nubia Sutton, and Breeze Harper, PhD. Join me as I recreate some of my pre-vegan favorites as well as the new vegan dishes I now enjoy.

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