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Red Red and Fried Plantain


Yes, you read it correctly. No, I am not referring to the song Red Red Wine by UB40. Although a glass of red wine will be lovely with this meal. Red Red was given the name because of it’s red color from the tomato sauce and palm oil. This is a dish that never disappoints. It is rich, savory and comforting bite after delicious bite. It is so yummy that you will want to sop up the remaining bits with your fingers. However, I urge you to exercise some control…LOL

I so enjoyed eating this as a child and I enjoy it more now that I am able to make it myself. It is wonderful to know that I can have Red Red on demand whenever the craving beckons. If you are interested in delighting yourself with this famous Ghanaian dish simply click here for the recipe. Continue reading


Ghana Okra Stew (Vegan) and Fanti Kenke


I often meet fellow Ghanaians who are surprised when I tell them that I am vegan. They tell me that they can’t give up the meat, poultry, or seafood in our national dishes. I understand how they feel. When I was wavering in my decision to become vegan, part of my hesitancy was in thinking that I would have to give up all the foods I love so much. Well, I am here to tell you that we can still enjoy the wonderful cuisine of home without sacrificing taste and at the same time preventing animal cruelty.

To those of you who aren’t Ghanaian but are open to trying more worldly cuisine, I hope you expand your palate by trying this dish. Click here to find out the recipe. Continue reading

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Time Saving Salad


I call this recipe a time saving salad because that is exactly what it is. I like to make certain items in large portion sizes to last throughout the work week. It makes it easier for me when I have one less thing to do when getting ready for work the next day. I like to take a huge container and prepare a salad that will last 5-7 days. Leaving me to free to only worry about my entree. It also helps for those days when I am feeling to lazy too prepare my lunch the night before. Then I can just pack some salad and not feel compelled to buy a lunch that may not be healthy or satisfying. If you want to know the recipe just click here.

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