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Overnight Oats, Bananas and Figs. Oh My!



Okay, I admit it. I am late to the overnight oats party. So many food blogs have been raving about overnight oats and I didn’t get what all the hype was about until I tried it. One night I was rushing around prepping for the next work day and I decided that I didn’t want to miss my bed time due to cooking oatmeal for the next morning’s breakfast. I decided spur of the moment to try the overnight oats and see what all the buzz was about. Well let me just tell you that I am now on trend when it comes to prepping my oatmeal. Click here to see what I did with this overnight sensation.

1 cup of Steel cut oats oatmeal
1 banana (sliced)
6 fresh figs
2 teaspoons of sesame seeds
3 teaspoons of raw Turbinado sugar
½ cup of almond milk
½ teaspoon of cardamom
½ teaspoon of cloves
1 teaspoon of vanilla
Bring 4 cups of water to a boil.
Pour your cup of oats into a bowl or container of your choosing.
Cover your oats with the boiled water. You want to make sure that you cover it with enough water because the oats will expand as they cook.
Go to sleep.
In the morning reheat the oats to ensure that they are thoroughly cooked. Then add the almond milk, figs, banana, sugar, cardamom, cloves, and vanilla. Garnish with sesame seeds and enjoy!


Author: holistichealthvegan

I am a plus sized woman who set out on a quest to become healthier. It was on this journey to better health, that I discovered the joy of veganism through the teachings of Queen Afua, Nubia Sutton, and Breeze Harper, PhD. Join me as I recreate some of my pre-vegan favorites as well as the new vegan dishes I now enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Overnight Oats, Bananas and Figs. Oh My!

  1. Mmmmmmmmm,…..lovely breakfast. Yum Yum Yum.

  2. Mmmmm figs & bananas = perfect ingredients for a healthy & satisfying brekkie!

  3. Wow this looks great! I too am late to the overnight oats party and when I saw this, I just had to click- I LOVE figs! Looking forward to reading more from you. Feel free to check out my blog anytime, I write about living an organic lifestyle on a budget.

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