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The Vegan Kat’s Panzanella Salad


I had all of this leftover bread from making the french toast in the last post. Luckily, I came across Vegan Kat’s recipe for Panzanella (bread salad). It was an excellent use for the left over bread and the taste is amazing.  Please click here to get the recipe and find other delicious recipes on her blog.

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Fully Loaded Nachos


This post is a long time coming. I got side tracked by some really good literature. D, I am blaming you for this one, because you got me hooked on that book. This is totally your fault.

Anyways… sometimes I like to spend my weekends kicking back and streaming movies on Netflix. The release of Orange is the New Black was creating so much buzz that I had to check it out. Since it was a series release with the entire season available for my viewing pleasure, I knew that popcorn wouldn’t be enough to sustain me. So I planned my snack food/meal accordingly.

What better food to shove into your mouth while mindlessly watching television other than nachos. It has everything you require from a snack/meal. Great flavor, crunch, salt, protein, and mild sweetness from the avocado. Along with the tang from the Pico de Gallo. I couldn’t have planned a better snack. These fully loaded nachos were everything and the added plus was that Orange is the New Black turned out to be so good. I can’t wait for season two. I highly recommend these nachos for marathon tv watching whether it is Scandal, Breaking Bad, Shameless, or Orange is the  New Black. Whatever the show is these nachos will get you through it. Click here for the recipe. Continue reading

Original Gangsta Bird Food Eaters

Here is an awesome blog post I came across on bangingbirdfood.blogspot.com.

Marsha compiled a very inspiring list of vegans/vegetarians whose ages range from 70-100+ years old. I am linking to her post here. Go to her site and be blown away by these amazing senior citizens. They even share their secrets for looking and staying so youthful.

Also check out the recipes on her blog. There are a lot of delicious foods to tantalize your eyes and stomach.


Ghana Okra Stew (Vegan) and Fanti Kenke


I often meet fellow Ghanaians who are surprised when I tell them that I am vegan. They tell me that they can’t give up the meat, poultry, or seafood in our national dishes. I understand how they feel. When I was wavering in my decision to become vegan, part of my hesitancy was in thinking that I would have to give up all the foods I love so much. Well, I am here to tell you that we can still enjoy the wonderful cuisine of home without sacrificing taste and at the same time preventing animal cruelty.

To those of you who aren’t Ghanaian but are open to trying more worldly cuisine, I hope you expand your palate by trying this dish. Click here to find out the recipe. Continue reading


Stuffed Lettuce Wraps


Sometimes walking into the kitchen in a state of hunger can be a good thing. It allows you to make almost genius creations out of leftovers. This dish almost looks like it took a lot of effort but it is rather simple to make. Click here for the recipe. Continue reading

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Strawberry Coconut Cashew Cream Oatmeal


I remember when I was growing up how my mother used to force me to eat my oatmeal before going to school. I never liked oatmeal as a child and truth be told I don’t like it too much now that I am an adult. However, I realize that it is one of those good for you foods. So in keeping with my mother’s ways, I am still forcing myself to eat oatmeal in the morning. Only it is much easier to eat now because I add things to my oatmeal that make it much more palatable. Surprisingly oatmeal is a very versatile dish. It can be savory or sweet depending on the ingredients you add to it. If you want to know how I reinvented my oatmeal, click here to find out more. Continue reading

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Mac N Cheese (Sorta)


Okay, so this isn’t macaroni. I prefer to only use whole wheat pasta but I was unable to locate some in the store. Which means I ended up making Fusilli pasta and cheese instead. But no worries. This is a quick meal that is comforting and easy to make. It is great for when the weather is dreary outside and you just want to stay home to indulge in this dish while wearing comfortable clothes. It is Memorial Day weekend but instead of the typical hot weather it is cool and dreary outside. In my book, weather like this calls for comfort food. Click here to find out the recipe. Continue reading

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Curried Chickpeas and Kale


I still had an additional package of chickpeas left over from Virtual Vegan Potluck. I already made tuna and hummus out of chickpeas so what is left? Curried chickpeas and kale of course! This in my opinion is one of those build-able dishes. You can add potatoes and turn it into a filling for roti (ie: dosas) or you can add it to rice and wrap it in a collard leaf for a unique tasting burrito. The possibilities are just about endless.  Click here to find out the details for this tasty dish. Continue reading


Virtual Vegan Potluck -“Crab” and Artichoke Hummus


This post is part of the 2013 Virtual Vegan Potluck of which I am a proud participant. Please check out the other yummy recipes that are also part of this year’s potluck by clicking the forward and backwards links below the recipe post. In the meantime, click here to check out the recipe for this hummus. Continue reading

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Gajar Halwa-Indian Sweet Carrot Pudding


I went out to dinner with a friend yesterday to a marvelous Indian restaurant. The next day my taste buds were still under a captivated spell that I didn’t want to end. I decided to continue the magic by making Gajar Halwa. An amazing carrot pudding that I first tasted last year, at a restaurant near my place of work and I have been in love with it ever since. As a person who doesn’t like carrots that is saying a lot. This is not like traditional puddings which are often served cold. This pudding is to be served hot or warm at the very least. I took a few liberties with this recipe by adding my own variations such as the coconut milk, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. The concept is still the same but the flavor is just…WOW. Click here to find out the recipe. Continue reading