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Orzo Salad


Happy New Year! I initially planned to start this year’s post with the obligatory black eyed peas recipe but I forgot to purchase black eyed peas when I went grocery shopping. Perhaps I will get around to posting that recipe soon. Anyway, one thing I want to do most this year is be more efficient with my time. I am examining all the areas in my life where I can manage my time more effectively and leave myself open to do more of the things that hold my interest. One of the areas I want to implement this goal is by planning ahead for my week with meal plans, easy recipes, and etc… Also, I want to make the most of the food I have on hand. That is how this Orzo Salad came about. It is quick, easy, and delicious. Click here to find out the recipe. Continue reading

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Welcome to Holistic Health Vegan!

Welcome to Holistic Health Vegan. I am a vegan of two years and counting. I became a vegan in order to optimize my health. I am a plus size woman who struggled with physical issues such as shortness of breath, insomnia, and body aches amongst other issues. I knew there had to be a better way and I was ready for a change. I started to explore my options by reading books by various authors and it was reading Sacred Woman by Queen Afua and Sistah Vegan by Dr. Breeze Harper that completely changed my outlook about veganism and got me excited about making this change in my life.

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