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Peruvian “Chicken” Stuffed Avocado


I used to frequent this Peruvian restaurant in the Bronx with super nice owners and delicious food. It was just the sort of place to pop into on a Saturday evening to watch a soccer match, enjoy the company of friends and eat delicious Peruvian cuisine. There are so many dishes that I miss from that restaurant but one that comes to mind the most is the stuffed avocados. I decided to recreate the dish with my own spin by using more colorful items (like heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers) to feed the eye as well as the stomach. This dish is great for a light lunch or an early supper. Click here to get the recipe. Continue reading


The Vegan Kat’s Panzanella Salad


I had all of this leftover bread from making the french toast in the last post. Luckily, I came across Vegan Kat’s recipe for Panzanella (bread salad). It was an excellent use for the left over bread and the taste is amazing.  Please click here to get the recipe and find other delicious recipes on her blog.

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Time Saving Salad


I call this recipe a time saving salad because that is exactly what it is. I like to make certain items in large portion sizes to last throughout the work week. It makes it easier for me when I have one less thing to do when getting ready for work the next day. I like to take a huge container and prepare a salad that will last 5-7 days. Leaving me to free to only worry about my entree. It also helps for those days when I am feeling to lazy too prepare my lunch the night before. Then I can just pack some salad and not feel compelled to buy a lunch that may not be healthy or satisfying. If you want to know the recipe just click here.

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Raw Kale and Cous Cous Salad

Kale & Cous Cous 3

I got this wonderful recipe from Nubia Sutton’s Youtube vlog. Unfortunately, she no longer keeps the video posted because Couscous may be a problem for those who have trouble digesting gluten. But feel free to click on the video above and revel in the awesomeness that is Nubia Sutton (womb priestess, raw foodist, and holistic practitioner)

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