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Cheezy Baked Potato Soup


We are well into the fall season. I find that this is the time I start to crave more savory but not necessarily filling foods. In this case I wanted all the flavors of a baked potato but not the density of it in my belly. I felt like this soup was a great compromise for me because I got to enjoy the baked potato but I didn’t feel the need to take a nap after eating. The flavor is creamy, cheezy, and soothing like a cozy blanket. Yes, you read that correctly. I can’t be the only person who thinks certain foods reminds them of cozy bed linens…LOL

Anyway, click here to find out the recipe for this soup.

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Beans Beans They’re Good For Your Heart- Black Bean Soup With Dumplings



I will admit a slightly dark secret to you that even my mother never knew. Years ago when I was a high school student, I played hooky from school for an entire day. No, I wasn’t mischief making or running the streets with boys.  I spent the day with a friend at her home in Brooklyn. We cooked good food and watched soaps all day. For two young ladies with siblings and strict parents this was immense fun. Just to be able to stay home and enjoy good food without the threat of homework, chores, or bothersome little brothers was bliss. On that day this soup was born. My friend whose background is Haitian made this soup for us to enjoy along with some other treats that I can no longer recall. Her version had bits of turkey meat in it, but it is even tastier without the turkey in it. Click here for the recipe. Continue reading